zirconia crown

Zr-40 Full Zirconia Crown

Zr-40℠ is a fully-contoured zirconia restoration with no porcelain overlay. ​Zr-40℠ crowns are designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology and glazed to a smooth surface. With a flexural…

Layered zironia

Layered Zirconia

Also designed and milled with CAD/CAM technology, Layered Zirconia (or Cercon®) is a zirconia substructure with porcelain overlay. When needing to meet the demands for both strength and…

PFM crowns

PFM Crowns

Composed of your conventional silver and gold alloys, Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) is the traditional option for simple to advanced combination cases. Captek®​ Porcelain Fused to High Noble Yellow or…


Standard Partials

We use only the finest nickel-free and beryllium-free alloy that provides delicate precision cast clasps and a highly polished metal surface for patient comfort and satisfaction. Upper and…

flexible partial

Flexible Partials

We offer Valplast and Lucitone FRS flexible partial dentures. Both products are made of a biocompatible, thermoplastic nylon material. Tissue colored or clear clasps achieve optimum retention with…


IPS Empress® Esthetics & CAD

IPS Empress® is a homogenous leucite-based ceramic that scatters light like natural enamel to blend seamlessly with the surrounding dentition and deliver accuracy in fit. Its wear compatibility,…


IPS e.m​ax CAD & Press

A Computer-Aided Designed lithium disilicate ceramic restoration that delivers an exceptional fit, precise contours, perfect contacts, a high flexural strength of 360MPa, and natural-like aesthetics unaffected by the…

full denture

Full Dentures

Our full dentures are custom designed for comfort and esthetics. They are fabricated from the best available materials and the latest processing techniques. All removable cases combine the…

CODL case pans

Misc Crown & Bridge

Additional products Central Ohio Dental Lab offers.

Bite splint

Bite Splints

Central Ohio Dental Lab bite splints can be constructed for the upper or lower arch. These clear appliances are a one-part or two-part construction. For the CODL Easy-Guard…